Saturday, July 16, 2011

Knowledge and Wisdom Banks: Three Generations Of Al Bakhit's On A Quiet Saturday Morn

Bettina and Sara | Mother (Teacher) and Daughter (Student) | Photo by Ahmed Abdulla
1st Generation and Now | Photo by Ahmed Abdulla
This morning was a real treat as I watched three generations in the Al Bakhit family spend a morning sharing, learning and just being with each other.  Today, we had Suzanna (Grandmother), Bettina (Mom first, Teacher second), Sara (daughter, student) and last but not least Meshari ( son and self appointed supervisor) all together joining the rest of us for the Tierra Frenzy class.  It doesn't get better than that.  Of course our wonderful student and friend  Ahmed Abdulla along with my self in my supporting role today.  I would also like to mention that Ahmed had set up a photo studio in our little abode and had taken the photos in this post.
The future Meshari | Photo by Ahmed Abdulla
This was a class that comprised of twenty three separate components and was a fusion between Wirework and Off Loom Weaving. Bettina created this piece during Chaminda's recent leave to Sri Lanka and in the realm of the shop.
What was interesting and fulfilling to observe were the connections not only of the findings in the kits but between Mother and Mother; Bettina and Suzannah, Mother and Daughter; Bettina, Suzannah and Sara, Mother and Son, Teacher and Students.  It all came to the wonderful sharing across ages and generations and that resonates across times and cultures.
The focal points completed | Photo by Ahmed Abdulla

Those people who taught others how to make things were always held in high regard and reverence. The first lady to teach me knitting and a love for beads was the most amazing babysitter back in the 70's.  She was a Native American from Alaska and was a highschool student.  If only  I could find her and thank her for patiently answering the tireless and endless questions of an inquisitive six year old  and allowing me to enter the rich world of handcrafting. I like to call it the Knowledge and Wisdom Banks that are a key part of maintaining cultural and social literacy and expression.  This is what we were a part of today.


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Lubna said...

Well, Albert. It says a lot to translate this piece. Music plays a big role in how we teach and when we make and create our pieces. Will be visiting your blog to explore your musical travels so to speak. Thank you for taking the time in Argentina to read a story here in Kuwait.
Best regards,

Bettina said...

What a nice suprise to see that you are following us ALL the way from Argentina!! I am curious about how you came across our blog? Yes surely we will check out your blog and hopefully with the time difference be able to hear your Arab culture segment.

Bettina said...

Coincedentally Lubna and I were interviewed on Kuwait Radio FM 97.5 which was aired just yesterday!! :) How fantastic you would write us at the same time!