Thursday, July 14, 2011

Creating The Dream: Lubna & Bettina on FM 97.5 In Their Radio Debut With Samira Al Suliman

This Saturday July 16, my partner in creativity and crime; Bettina and I will be initiated into the world of radio for the first time.  Radio is quite a different media and how we come across through audio will be quite interesting.  None other than our beader extraordinaire whose passion for beads is what initiated Radio Personality and Presenter Samira Al Suliman to invite us as her guests on " Dhuyoof Alaa El Thani".

Bettina and I were invited to talk about how two individuals with quite different educational backgrounds came up with and created LB o J'zazz and the passion for all things artisanal and in particular beaded adornment.  It felt effortless during the pre-recorded session and Samira was in command of the studio, her material and how she poised her questions.  It did not feel like an interview, just flowing conversations.  So, as this is our debut, we kindly ask you all not to check for any extra "badliyaat", I'm sure I had a few and Bettina then some! and give us a listen on FM 97.5 Radio Kuwait at 4 PM you can listen online by going to as the MOI (Ministry of Information) is still working on bringing us  live stream in the not so near future. 

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