Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fusion Series: Tarachi Bint Yagout by Madhawi Saturday July 7

A debut and a new direction for us at LB o J'zazz as we launch our Guest Teacher Program this summer.  Bettina and I wanted to bring new ideas, talent and focus on projects that was a fusion of techniques and incorporating creatively the wide selection of beads, findings and what nots we have on offer at LB o J'zazz  that are familiar and not so familiar.
Beautiful Turkish Cottons selected for the class
We debut with none other than the multi-talented and effusive Madhawi Al Yagout of Karkoosha Bint Yagout Creations. Ever since we met Madhawi three years ago, things have never really been the same at the shop and at a personal level.  Madhawi, an accomplished teacher of Classical Piano at the Higher Institute of Music Studies, painter, tailor, maker of hand bags, crochet master and lastly beader has many talents that we all have yet to discover.

Madhawi at play with her palettes on our kitting day last week
Her sense of colors and patterns are bold and confident.  Whenever she attends our classes, I ask her:  "Madhawi, which kit and colorway do you want to select today?" she answers brightly : " I love all colors, there is not a color that I do not love!" It is in this vein that she approaches her projects and the outcomes are varied, surprising and quite intelligent.  She takes the mundane and elevates these pieces into something special and unique.
Her positive bubbling energy, talent and outlook infuses her work and her life approach. So, one day as she was visiting me at the office I asked her if she would show me a few tips on crocheting and jumped to get my stash.  It had been years that I had held a crochet needle. In  a mere few minutes she had me doing techniques I never imagined  mastering effortlessly. 
That afternoon when she returned home, she said she was inspired by the session and went on to make the prototype for the earrings.
Here we are a few months later concocting a fusion of bead embroidery, Odd Count Peyote, Fringing and Crochet and her results are quite a surprise.  
You will have no less than six luscious colorways to choose from and this will  be a great basis to explore creating links in crochet with embellishments.  Stay posted as we gear up for this special debut with you, our special beaders in our midst. 

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