Saturday, June 9, 2012

Turkish Cotton Yarn Delights for Tarachi Bint Yagout Class Debut

A few days back as Madhawi has been preparing the kits and samples for her debut class at LB o J'zazz, we went on our excursion to select the main component of beautiful cotton yarns from Turkey that she had introduced me to and I had fallen in love with a while back.
Originally she was thinking about creating four distinct colorways, well as soon as we got to this home based shop of Um Nasser that notion quickly evaporated as we delved and were mesmerized by the array of skeins on display. 
Just seeing all the skeins was a treat!
Madhawi was gracious enough after my eyes were feasting on all this eye-candy to help her select the colorways for the project, that will combine our LB o J'zazz selection of Czech Crystals and Miyuki triangle beads and findings.  So, I started with a whole lot of colors, about fifteen thinking how to narrow them to four and that was very difficult.  Madhawi being the trouper and ever the consummate crafter said we could have more colorways.  So, this is what we came up with, the palettes were to be vibrant and bold and to evoke jewel tones along with bright summer days full of intense floral hues.
Final selection of ALIZE Cotton Yarn for the class

  This morning Madhawi had already created the base in exquisite crochet for all of the six hues!
Now, the next step will be her selection of beads to embellish this amazing set of earrings. Which will be taking place this week. 
Many of the nomenclatures we have in our Kuwaiti dialect derived from other cultures and languages that Kuwaitis dealt and traveled to such as India, Persia and Turkey. 
The word "Tarrachi" indeed came from India and as many Kuwaitis of old were heavily involved in gold smuggling, many of the terms related to adornment and jewelry became a part of our local dialect. 

That morning the crocheting bug bit me again and there was just no way I was going to leave without my own selection for projects with the intention of making beautiful, comforting afghans for friends and loved ones.I can only imagine how yummy and welcoming these yarns will be when created into throws and afghans. 

Final selection for the Afghans

"Tarrachi Bint Yagout" class will debut this June 30 at the LB o J'zazz Beading Zone and is a first in terms of technique and our Guest Teacher.  So, take a look at the palettes and we will be posting the samples soon. 

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