Sunday, May 24, 2009

Czech Crystals Extravaganza

Our trek to the Czech Republic this past March is bearing the fruits of our labor. Beadaholics Bettina and Lubna in search of the finest, the unique and most beautiful crafted beads were on a mission. The mission was to find and bring to you what we call MC Beads which is Machine Cut Crystal. It is the crystal of Bohemia that has been of world renown for centuries.

You will be able to peruse and experience the shimmer, the mystery and sparkle of the finest Bohemian Crystal beads at J'zazz Beadz our new outlet in Shaab el Bahry. The whole collection was selected while we were in the glass making region of Bohemia, as the snow melted and in the wee hours Bettina and I, hand selected and previewed each and every color, size, shape and finish. Our partners in the Bohemian region, cook all their glass in-house. Mixing, and concocting the recipes to create consistently some of the best glass available today.

We hope that you will join us and celebrate the beauty and mystery that crystal has had on many people before us and many yet to come.


ghadah alkandari said...

they look edible! i imagine a cellar full of tubs of egg tempera paint in the little streets of florence. i want to dive into your beeds. soon.

lubna said...

Actually, what we found is when we get to touch the beads without any barriers or partition it's just different. We want the shop to have a homey, cosy, stay as long as you like feel to it. So, we are placing them in bowls and canning jars too!

doubled said...

"I cannot unsees what I just sawded"
I need beeds...beeds need beeeders...aarrrrghhh