Friday, May 8, 2009

Dreams can come true

Yesterday I decided I had enough waiting at home for my body to kick the germs "--s" out. So off I go to our project-in-progress "SHOP" in Shaab El-Bahri to meet up with Lubna to get a few final touches done. Its the fine details that count. And so, Lubna and i, with a brush in our hands start our hours long "tweaking".

Surprisingly though, while at work we had several car drivers pass by checking us out! :) Hmmm.. as Lubna said, "Checking out the new 9anaeya (craftsmen) flown in from France or Italy painting and decopatching the store".

Along with some live internet radio Jazz music, we managed to finish. Standing back, we realized this is finally coming true. Our dream.. finally is happening :) What a good feeling.

Here are some 'before' pictures. I will post the work done tomorrow.

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