Friday, May 15, 2009

Kashmiri Beads, you say?

With many delays, hiccups, trials and tribulations thanks to the not so efficient services of TNT, it took us over two weeks to recieve our special order of Kashmiri Beads. Coming your way from our friends and crafters of the Indian Subcontinent.
These beads have a very tactile, and handmade feel to them and come in rounds, barrels, tubes and ovals. Each bead has the same pattern but differs with
handmade pieces of glass, wire and metals embedded in a special clay like material and has rivets on both holes.
They are excellent focal beads, and can also be used as tassles and embellishments for clothing. For jewelry crafters they can be strung on yarns, silk ribbons, Soft Flex Beading Wire, cotton threads in a very eclectic style or combined with metal links or chain for a sleeker look. Some of them actually look like candy! Really!
They will be available at our shop mid this week. You will also be able to take some of our first workshops using these funky, colorful and exuberant beads for the summer.

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