Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just What Is Decopatch?

When many of our local art teachers and hobbyists hear the word "Decopatch" they respond immediately and say: " Aaah yes decoupage!" However, they are quite different in that decoupage is an old technique that flowered in France whereby, table napkins were used by cutting out the designs and gluing them usually onto furniture surfaces and then covering the surface with a varnish. However, it would take several layers of varnishing and sanding so that the napkin material would "melt" on to the surface of the furniture. Decoupage can be frustrating as the napkin tears and is hard to apply and is limited to a certain range of surfaces.

Decopatch on the other hand, can be a scissorless endeavor altogether. It is used in projects for children as young as four and can move onto more sophisticated and advanced applications for professional designers and interior decorators. It is a very thin 20 gsm paper, that is made exclusively in the Decopatch factory in Lyon. The paper has a special coating and UV varnish that makes it moldable, very strong and color fast. The paper can be torn at random yet doesn't fray on the edges and when applied to a surface creates a collage of patterning. Several paper designs or a single paper can be utilised. Combine the paper with the special Glue/Varnish also exclusively manufactured and made for Decopatch paper and the results are truly satisfying.

You can Decopatch practically any surface, from metal, wood, porcelain, paper mache, carboard, plastic and more. It allows you to take objects you already have, create a new color scheme, or a theme in a very short amount of time. Whether you cut out designs or tear the paper, whenever it is applied the results are satisfying. You just can't go wrong with Decopatch.

After a surface of an object is covered you can then embellish it with sequins, decorative stones and a special type of adhesive/Patchliner to accent and highlight certain areas. When Decopatching outdoor furniture, mugs and plates a second water and weather proofing varnish is applied. Your mugs can be placed in the dishwasher and for daily use. It is a great way to upcyle and redorate your life and space in a very immediate and easy method. No Decopatch paper ever goes to waste as long as you have a surface to embellish and decorate.

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